What is this contest?

Britannia Marie Gold My Start Contest 2.0 is Britannia Marie Gold’s endeavor to help women start their own business. Consumers of Britannia Marie Gold (‘BMG’), who win this contest, shall have the opportunity to kick start their dream business venture with a funding of Rs.10 lacs (Tax inclusive). Britannia Marie Gold believes every homemaker has great ideas to start her own venture and with some help, she can become a successful entrepreneur too. BMG shall reward several good ideas from the ones received.

Subject to the other criteria mentioned here and the terms and conditions of the contest, every Indian woman over the age of 18 at the time of entry can participate.

Subject to the other criteria mentioned here and the terms and conditions of the contest, any and every Indian woman, working/non-working/Student of 18 years or older can participate with her idea.

Start date for Registrations: 20th February, 2020

End date for accepting Registrations: 31st May, 2020

Step1: Purchase any promotional pack of Britannia Marie Gold/ Britannia Vita Marie Gold

Step2: Give a call to <7026870268> from a cell phone only OR
Login to the website https://mystartupcontest.com/

Step3: While on call pick any of the below modes of participation.
(a) Web (b) WhatsApp (c) Phone call

Should you pick ‘Over a Call’ as an option when you call 7026870268, you will receive an SMS confirming that you will get a call back from Britannia shortly. This SMS will also have the questions you need to be ready with answers.

When we call you back from 7026870268 through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) you will have to answer the questions asked to you.

When the call is successfully completed you will receive an SMS acknowledgement that your entry has been successfully registered with us

Upon calling 7026870268, if you choose ‘WhatsApp’ mode of entry, it would mean you have ‘opted in’ for communication from us over WhatsApp messenger. You will then directly receive a message on the same number you called us from but on the WhatsApp messenger service. The questions will be asked one by one like all chats happen. You need to answer the questions and do as the system prompts you to do.

When the question and answers are completed you will receive a message on the same chat window acknowledging that your entry has been accepted along with a registration number.

Should you choose ‘Website’ mode of entry when you call us on 7026870268, you will receive an SMS from us with the URL details (web page link). You will have to login with your mobile number and through an OTP answer all questions asked to complete your registration.

Please submit your entry when you have satisfactorily answered them all-else they remain as draft. Upon doing so, you will receive a registration number, which confirms your entry is successfully registered.

When you call 7026870268, you will be given an option of choosing a language you are comfortable in.
Language options available are: Assamese, Bengali, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, English and Hindi.
Phone call method allows you the convenience of participating in any of the 9 languages stated above.

The website entry is in English only.

Whatsapp mode of participation will only allow selective regional languages.

Yes. When you opt in for participation through Whatsapp on the call to us- you will need to pick your preferred language. However, Whatsapp allows selective regional languages only. The Whatsapp message that you receive from us will be in that preferred language or if the language is unavailable, then the message will be in English. If you have the language keyboard installed on the phone, you can conveniently respond in the same preferred language.

The number that you call from should have WhatsApp installed. If the number you call from does not have WhatsApp, you will not receive any WhatsApp messages from us and thus you would be unable to participate through this route.

If you do not have normal call dialing facility on the number on which you use Whatsapp then please use website or call back as a mode of participation. We do not accept data/Whatsapp calls on 7026870268.

Only a call to the prescribed number from an India based cellular operator is the accepted form of registering your intent to participate. Participation is confirmed only once you answer all the questions through the IVR/ WhatsApp/ Website and receive an acknowledgement for the same.

No calls will be accepted in WhatsApp. You need to call 7026870268 and then choose your mode of entry (IVR/WhatsApp/Web). Only when you receive a message in your WhatsApp number you will be able to complete your registration by answering all the questions.

The questions that are used for evaluation are the same irrespective of the mode – website, WhatsApp or IVR.

Only text messages will be accepted as valid inputs. No voice recordings, gifs, images, video files, or other attachments will be considered as valid answers to the questions.

You can directly log in through the website and register or can choose the option while calling in 7026870268, post which you will get a message with the website URL https://www.mystartupcontest.com/

The ‘save as draft’ allows you time to complete the entry at a later date however not later than the contest end date to be considered as a valid entry. When completed, please submit the entry. SMS confirmation will be sent to you when the entry has been registered at our end.

On successful registration through IVR you will receive an SMS confirming the acceptance of your entry with a registration number.

You are welcome to submit more entries and not just one, be it through IVR/WhatsApp/ Web.

If you are unhappy with your responses or are unable to complete your answers within a given time frame, you can start the process of entry again by calling 7026870268 or by writing ‘###’ on the same chat window

You will be asked to share some basic information like your age, state etc. depending on mode of entry. Please refer the Contest terms and conditions for more information.

This activation is not a lottery. This is a contest and we have judges who will judge the entry based on set criterion. Same idea through different phone numbers/modes will not improve your chances of winning the Contest.

If shortlisted, our team will connect with you and you will need to share identity/ address proof to confirm your gender, nationality, age, and other relevant details.

You should do it yourself. Only the person in whose name the entry is registered will be eligible to present the idea, if shortlisted.

When applying through web, you have the liberty to save your answers as draft and submit whenever you want to within the contest dates. In case of WhatsApp you will have to submit your answers within a time limit. However if you are unable to complete the entry then feel free to restart the process by calling on 7026870268 or simply type ### in a separate line in the same chat window

Yes, two people from the same family can participate with their individual business ideas, provided they are Indian women over the age of 18 meet the other criteria.

No. After having completed your registration over IVR and website, you have received an SMS confirming your registration, you do not have to send anything anywhere.

Yes, to make sure only you are making the changes or applying afresh your mobile will receive a onetime password which needs to be used to login first and each subsequent time

The moment you opt for WhatsApp it is taken as your specific approval for us to send you WhatsApp messages. Please switch your data/wifi on and check- you will have a message from us on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, no changes can be made to a submitted entry. However, you can register again (new registration), with all your correct details.

Please send an email to mystartupcontest@gmail.com between 10am and 6pm on weekdays for a failed registration related query and you should hear back from us in 48 working hours.

All registered business ideas shall be evaluated basis a set criteria. Post evaluation, shortlisted candidate list will be published within 30 days of the contest end date and contacted post that for a second round, and if necessary, a third round of evaluation.
The names of shortlisted candidates will also be published on our website https://mystartupcontest.com/

Shortlisted participants should be prepared for

a) Telephonic/Skype interview AND / OR
b) Travel for two days to a central venue, as decided by Britannia , on dates decided by Britannia for the next round of presentation to a jury.

For all your out-station travel related to the contest, in case you are shortlisted, Britannia shall make necessary arrangements for your travel from major cities (Airports/Train stations) and accommodation as required. All expenses in order to reach the major cities (Airports/Train stations) shall be incurred by the candidate. For expenses unrelated to the contest, candidate will have to bear the expenses.

All dates pertaining to the contest will be fixed by the organizers and the right to reschedule/change the date is reserved exclusively with Britannia Industries.

Britannia Marie Gold understands that millions of hopes are attached to this endeavor. For Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup Contest 2.0 thus the prizes are not just monetary.

  • A maximum of 10 business ideas to be rewarded with Rs.10 lac each
  • A total of 10000 women will be given access to a programme created by National Skill Development Corporation (a Govt. of India initiative) and these will receive a certificate at the end of completion of the said programme. 100 of these 9900 will receive advance level certification

The best business cases shall receive Rs.10 lacs each from Britannia Marie Gold-inclusive of applicable taxes.

Britannia Marie Gold is rewarding the best business ideas received from Indian women over the age of 18. Ten winners with the best business ideas shall receive an amount of Rs.10 Lacs to fund their startup. However, Britannia Marie Gold does not take any responsibility with the execution, success or failure of the business beyond providing the promised amount. This contest is to reward the best business ideas received.

Employees and consultants (including their immediate families) of Britannia and its service providers / agents / sponsors working on / sponsoring this Contest (including their immediate families) and individuals who own a business venture during the period of this Contest are not eligible to participate in this Contest.