About Marie GOLD

A household name for over 4 decades and the 3rd largest biscuit brand in India, Britannia Marie Gold is emblematic of the Marie category in India. Since the beginning, Marie Gold has immensely valued the Indian homemaker. We believe that a homemaker finds joy and fulfilment in the pivotal role she plays for her family and home. She is the nerve centre of the family, the source of happiness and vigour for one and all.
We started as the homemaker's tea time companion for years and watched her through the day, providing a moment of lightness and relaxation, amidst her toils during her chai time – her down time. However, with changing times, the brand has evolved greatly: from being a 'homemaker's downtime partner’ to 'a fuel which allows her to achieve more in her everyday life'.

With today's homemaker, there is an increasing realization and growing appreciation of the central role she plays. Not only by the rest of the family, but also on her own part. While she takes immense pride in being a homemaker, she also nurses an aspiration to ‘do more & be more’. The positioning “Kyunki bahut kuch hai karna” (there still is a lot more to achieve) in our current campaign gives voice to this ever present desire of the homemaker to “Do More and Be More”. The new stance inspires women to introspect and recognize the inherent potential that lies within them and to give wings to their ambition. An all India survey conducted by Britannia Marie Gold in 2018 also revealed that 48% homemakers had dreams of starting their own businesses when they were young.

Hence keeping the homemaker’s aspirations at the centre we launched the ‘Britannia Marie Gold My Startup Contest’ last year with an aim to create a platform which can turn homemakers to entrepreneurs. Season 1 of the contest received an overwhelming response, with participation from diverse regions, ages, languages, communities and financial backgrounds. This initiative gave wings to the dreams of many women and helped reinstate the fact that Britannia Marie Gold is the homemaker’s true partner in her endeavors, physically fueling her and championing her ambitions.
The success of season 1 has inspired us to continue forward in this journey and in the 2nd edition of My Start Up contest, along with the opportunity to win Rs.10 lac, we are also providing participants a chance to get a certified online skill development training programme with the prestigious National Skill Development Corporation (a Govt. of India initiative).