About the contest

We believe that today’s housewife is at a stage in life where she has settled into her role as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law and is ready to be more. Ready from solely being a homemaker to the maker of many things. Today she embraces opportunities - be it in terms of monetizing a vocation or managing her household, all with the same grace, aplomb and panache. Taking on more is simply second nature to her. She never pauses. She never relents. She is always on, a total 100%. She is nothing less than an athlete.

At Marie Gold, we have always aimed to be the fuel that propels this athlete.

We are now taking a step ahead and funding her dreams and aspirations!
With Britannia MarieGold-MystartupContest, 10 consumers of BMG shall have the opportunity to kick start their dream venture with a sum of Rs 10 lacs each.
Details on FAQ's

The contest is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1:
Please answer 3 basic questions as you plan to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. You can save your answers and finish them at your convenience too.

Sample answers to the questions are given below for your reference:

a) Q: Which business do you want to start?
A: I want to start my catering business.

b) Q: Why do you want to start this business?
A: Cooking is my passion! I want to touch many more people with my food. We don’t have a lot of caterers in our area and this can be a good opportunity for me!

c) Q: How will the prize money of Rs 10 lakhs help you in starting your business?
A : I can rent some space near my house ( cost : 30 k/month) , buy utensils and other goods needed ( cost : 50 k ) and can hire 3-4 people ( cost : 50k/month) to begin with. This money will help me sustain the business till I scale up and start generating profits on my own!

Part 2:
If we like what you have written, we will ask you to travel and will like to meet you in person to hear you!

Now go ahead and share your ideas with us because as they say, ‘an idea can change your life’
Best of luck!